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Suitability; Accuracy; Interoperability; Compliance and Security are tested and ensured.

Reliability & Efficiency

Maintainability – Our customized software applications and products are built for higher performance under the given condition of on-premise and off-premise IT infrastructure in the most effective and efficient manner.


Ease of use is the prime aspect in our software products which require minimal efforts and time to learn and understand to operate.

Maintainability & Portability

Our products require minimum maintenance due to our stringent process in testing the applications for stability, changeability and operability and also support to scalability with all platforms of hardware devices.

Allmark Expertise


Customised Software and Integration with SAP or ERP

Work-in-Progress (WIP) | Warehouse Management (WMS) | Asset Tracking (AT) Range of Customised Productivity-Solutions-Software from Allmark such as WIP and WMS solutions are deployed to easily integrate with existing ERP or SAP solutions, ensuring data integrity and work-flow efficiency. Dash-board and reports from our software solutions offer higher visualization of tasks and workflows of your business or work-flow.


Customised Inventory Management Solution (IMS)

Enterprises across its business operations carry out physical stock take exercises at a pre-defined intervals, depending on the nature of business to prevent pilferage and minimise stock irregularities. Inventory Management Software from Allmark with range of Mobile Computers is a viable alternate and cost-effective solution to manual counting of stock-keeping units, using Barcodes.


Customised Mobile Computer Solutions (WMS)

Allmark offers Mobile Computer based Software Solutions to improve productivity and keeping track of material at various stages of production process and supply chain. Mobile Computers of Industrial-use grade comes with in-built Barcode or QR Code Scanners and are rugged.


Weighing Scales – Label Printer Integration

Global Enterprises and supply chain management dynamics in certain industries demand on-time labelling with weights of goods or count of components in a packet are to be printed with live data from weighing scales.
Allmark offers such solutions with ease, simple and yet powerful.


Work-in-Progress and Material Tracking

Setting up a production line with production progress tracking through barcode and managing the project from beginning to end is huge and stressful. Allmark and their team’s expertise come handy to project manager to successfully implement projects. From beginning to end we would interact with System Implementers such as PLC Programmers, SAP or ERP software implementers and be in sync with the all the stake holders and complete the project.


Stand-alone Label Printer Solutions

In many assembly line set-ups, movement of Barcode Label Printers are critical requirement and that use of computer connection to a Barcode Label Printer is not an ideal option. Here comes, our Stand-alone Label Printing Solutions in application such as tracking goods through assembly process in WIP process.

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